Hi there!


A well stocked medicine cabinet is of great
importance for every home.

It is the first place we go when we need to obtain
relief from all kinds of ailments.

Consequently it needs to be well organised, and
of sufficient size to accommodate all we could
need at any time.




The Necessities


Here is a list for you to consider, which I have
organised for myself after examining all our
possible needs.


A)  Pain Relief:


1.   Aspirin
2.   Ibuprofen
3.   Paracetamol
In various forms (creams, gel, lozenges, tablets)


B)  Colds:


1.    Decongestants
2.   Cough Syrups
3.   Throat Lozenges


C)  Allergies:


1.   Antihistamines
 In various forms (eye drops, nasal sprays, skin creams
 tablets, insect repellents)




D)  Digestive Problems:


1.   Antacids
2.   Anti-diarrhoea Tablets


E)  Skin Problems:


1.   Topical Steroid Cream
2.   Anti-fungal Cream
3.   Hydrocortisone Cream
4.   Anti-bacterial cream
5.   Antiseptic Cream


F)  Cuts and Burns:


1.   Gauze
2.   Plasters of various sizes
3.   Medical Tape
4.   Antibiotic Cream
5.   Hydrogen Peroxide
6.   Bandages




G)  Women’s Health:


1.   Cranberry Remedies for bladder problems
2.   HRT
3.   Herbal Remedies
4.   Yeast Remedy
5.   Probiotics
6.   Lubricants


H)  Natural Remedies:


1.     Aloe Vera Gel pure
2.     Arnica Cream
3.     Zinc Lozenges
4.     Bach Rescue Remedy
5.     Lavender Oil
6.     Tea Tree Oil
7.     Cayenne Pepper to stop bleeding
8.     Saline Nasal Spray
9.     Vitamin and Mineral tablets
10.   Chamomile Tea to calm the stomach
11.   Ginger Tea for nausea
12.   Peppermint Tea for indigestion


I)  Tools:


1.  Thermometers
2.  Tweezers
3.  Magnifying Glass





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