Mystic Beauty!




Perfection (Tελειότης) is just a philosophical theory with roots
back to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Nothing is perfect in life;  and this includes our skin.
A fastidious skin care regimen though, can contribute to a
healthy complexion.

Apart from our genetic inheritance, external factors like
sunlight and pollution together with our lifestyle can all
accelerate our skin’s natural ageing process.

Gradual skin ageing changes start becoming more obvious
during our forties;  and this process is becoming even
more noticeable in our fifties.

Nothing can reverse this decline.
But there are some tricks which can disguise some of the
damage already done.


Secrets of Attraction


1)  Exfoliation:


Exfoliating your face from time to time will remove dead
skin cells
and rejuvenate your complexion.

1 tablespoon fine sugar (exfoliating agent)
1 tablespoon virgin olive oil (moisturizing agent)
1 tablespoon pure honey (anti-bacterial agent)

Apply to your face with circular moves and leave for 3 minutes.
Rinse well, dry and follow with your usual beauty routine.




2)  Moisture:


Take a Vitamin D3 supplement 1000IU.
According to research, having the right level of vitamin D in
our body will ensure moister skin.


3)  Soft Complexion:


A face steam will offer us this benefit and improve the blood
Steam your face regularly for 5 minutes, dry and follow
with your usual beauty routine.


Face Sauna


4)  Youthful Eyes:


Use a rich anti-ageing eye cream morning and night.
Massage the cream gently around the full eye to
protect from wrinkles and lines.


5)  Tender Hands:


Our hands always reveal our actual age.
Use this trick on a regular basis.

Rub fresh lemon juice in your hands and leave for 15 minutes.
Wash and follow with an anti-ageing hand cream.
Use the hand cream many times a day.


The real secret is to have a very positive attitude towards maturity.

Refuse to accept your actual age and enjoy who you are.






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