Fit For King!


Hi there!


So much better now that the clocks have moved
one hour forward.

Although it is still very cold and usually cloudy,
it feels that the summer is not too far, at last.

Certainly, we do not have any serious or long
summer here in the UK, but it is something.

As promised, here is the delicious recipe
I made for you.




Calamari Served




12          calamaris washed
1             big red onion chopped
2             cloves of garlic sliced
1             can organic chopped tomatoes
150ml   ginger and citrus tea
2              teaspoons capers
4              tablespoons virgin olive oil
2              teaspoons mixed herbs
1/2          teaspoon mixed red peppers (cayenne, chilli, paprika)
1/2          teaspoon fleur de sel






a)  Put the oil and chopped onion in a deep frying pan,
and sauté for two minutes.

b)  Add the calamari and mix for one minute.

c)  Add the tomatoes and mix very well.

d)  Add the herbs, peppers and salt, and mix well.

e)  Pour in the prepared tea and let it cook for
twenty minutes, until the sauce is thickened,
stirring a few times.

f)  Add the sliced garlic and capers.

g)  Cook for another three minutes, and remove
from the heat.

h)  Serve hot placing six calamaris in each plate,
and garnish with the sauce.

Bon Apetit!





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