It was a beautifully warm and bright May day
when we decided to drive on the coast, aiming
towards the “Paradissos” seafood restaurant,
in this picturesque fishing village.

To reach the elegantly decorated dining room
we had to climb down nine steps closer to
the peaceful sea front.

The restaurant smelt of the tasty seafood together
with aromatic herbs and spices.
We immediately felt extremely pleasant and

Feeling indulgent we decided to spoil ourselves
drinking this rosemary-scented with a note of
blackberry liqueur heavenly wine….!




The Whole Story


Calamari, one of my favourite seafood, is a relative
of octopus, another favourite of mine.
It has a firm white flesh with a mild aroma.

When bought small and fresh it is one of the nicest
foods and so very soft when cooked properly.
It can be cooked in many different ways.

Calamari is a very popular seafood in many
countries around the Mediterranean Sea as well as
in far Japan.


Nutritional Bonus


Calamari is a complete protein food and one of
the most nutritionally dense animal.
Including it in your diet on a regular basis offers
a lot of health benefits.


Early in Cooking


1)  It is a very rich source of the mineral Copper,
which is necessary to prevent anaemia.

2)  It contains a high amount of the mineral Selenium,
a powerful antioxidant to fight free radical damage.

3)  It is a very good source of Vitamin B complex,
vital nutrients for our health.

4)  It is packed with the mineral Phosphorus, an
essential nutrient for our bones.

5)  It contains good amounts of the mineral Zinc, which
enhances our immune system.

6)  It is a good source of Magnesium, a vital mineral 
for our muscles.

7)  It contains Potassium, a significant mineral
necessary for healthy blood pressure.


One of the most important benefits is the Calamari
Omega 3 oil;   the newest discovery in supplemental
fish oils.

Although it is similar to the other fish oils in many
ways, this one has the advantage that it is a much
richer source of DHA, the most potent form of
Omega 3 fatty acids.

Tomorrow I will give you a very tasty recipe to
enjoy the calamari.





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