Sleeping with the Enemy!



Hi there!


A natural brunette turned blonde with a modern
short cut
showing off her bare square shoulders. 

Although in middle age now, she had an excellent
figure, which
was perfectly displayed by her strapped
fitted dress.

“I like strong men with a sensitive side” she said,
his hand tightly.
“We are a good fit, the two of us” he responded,
squeezing hers.

We put a lot of effort to erase years and look younger,
but if we are not careful we will make mistakes
which will
have the exact opposite effect.


The Culprits


A)  Clothes:

1)  Wearing very loose clothes makes any woman look 
older and fatter.
No matter what your weight is always wear well fitted clothes.

2)   Wearing pale and dull colours will make you look 
more pale and older.
Try to wear vivid colours to accentuate your strong points.

3)   Our bodies change as we age, so wearing the same bras as 
always makes our body look old.
The correct size bras will improve our posture and our 
clothes will hang better.




B)  Habits:

 1)  Caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating and diuretic – and 
 this is showing on our skin.
 Stay well hydrated by drinking many glasses of healthy 
 liquids like:  herbal teas, coconut water and mineral 
 water during the day.

2)  As we age our body tissues loosen, so over exercising 
like:  lifting heavy weights
or running distorts our skin tone.
Exercise moderately using the whole body.




C)  Hair:

1)   As we get older our face skin becomes sallow, so dyeing our 
hair blonde makes us look much older than we are.
Use a light red/brown or a dark blonde hair colour to 
brighten your face, and if you like add some highlights for an 
even fresher and youthful look.

2)   Our hair needs more moisture as our face.
Use richer products for your colour treated hair to keep 
it soft and shiny.



D)  Face:

 1)   Avoid heavy exfoliators on your face because they 
will make it fragile and aged.  
Instead use some gentle facial scrub to freshen your skin.

2)   Use only light make up and concealer to cover under 
eye black circles, otherwise your wrinkles will show 
more and you will look old.







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