Entering the famous lounge bar we were instantly
impressed by its warm atmosphere and magnificent
Most importantly, though, we were captured by
the music.

It was exactly what we needed at that moment
to feel revitalized and energetic, after such a
difficult day.

Music has an exceptional power on us.
Its intense results are truly beneficial not only on
our body but our psyche, too.

Music is the international language which brings
all people together.

Now research has proven that it can actually
influence our mental, emotional and physical
health, by activating parts of the brain and
causing reactions in the body.


Citrus Sent


The Wonder Of Music


A)  Brain:


      1)  Faster beats help us concentrate, be more alert
           and focus better on tasks.
      2)  Slower beats promote relaxation and a calm
      3)  It encourages people to express themselves better
           than they would do using words.
      4)  Music supports us when we need to resolve conflicts
           and helps us understand each other better.


B)  Mood: 


       1)  It stimulates people to think more positively.
      2)  Its soothing sounds relieve stress and induce
      3)  Listening to our favourite music uplifts our mood
           and relieves anxiety.


C)  Health:  


      1)  It aids in lowering the heart rate and the blood
           pressure levels.
      2)  It can ease muscle tension and relieve pain.
      3)  It cures insomnia and neurosis.
      4)  By altering the brain waves it slows down the
      5)  It can boost immunity.
      6)  It enables us to exercise for longer periods and
           walk or run faster.




Music therapy is a very popular healing technique for
relaxation, purification or health problems.

Choosing music and songs always depends on the
individual’s preferences and experiences;  but it really
is a very powerful health enhancing tool to use, and
enjoy all the healing benefits it has to offer.




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