In 1948 Arnold Kegel an American professor of
gynaecology firstly published his research about
the health benefits of squeezing the muscles of
the pelvic floor.

This was the beginning of what we know today
as the Kegel exercises;  widely used for various
health purposes by women, men and children.


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The Applications


The main purpose of the Kegel exercises is to
strengthen the pelvic muscles with the following

(a)  For better bladder control to prevent urinary
incontinence in men, women and children.

(b)  To hold the pelvic organs in position and
prevent any prolapse in women.

(c)  For stronger contractions, better blood flow
and more pleasant orgasms during sexual 


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The Discipline


(1)  To identify the pelvic floor muscles, try to stop
your urine flow when in the bathroom.
You will feel the tightening sensation.

(2)  To perform the Kegel exercises contract the
identified muscles for a count of five, 
then relax for another count of five.

(3)  Repeat five to ten times daily.

(4)  Breathe normally and avoid contracting 
your abdomen or buttocks.


Kegel exercises can be done routinely and discreetly
any time while sitting, relaxing, standing, driving,
and even working.


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During sexual intercourse both man and woman
can squeeze their pelvic muscles at the same time
to enhance the pleasure.





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