Ta Panta Rei!



Hi there!


They both stood waiting in the lounge of the terminal.
“When is this air plane due?” she asked anxiously.
“It is landing now;  was delayed an hour” Izy replied.

Passengers started arriving and soon the lobby was
full of people.
Before long she heard the attendant calling her flight.

She now began to feel all physical signs of anxiety.
“I don’t know if I can go through with this” she thought.

Although she was very excited about her new life
abroad, at the same time she was finding it very hard
to separate herself from her familiar way of life,
security and friends.

But she had already decided to give it a go.
“Perhaps this time will be the last” she reminded herself.


BoatLeaving Sent


The Disruption


During our life we meet many people, and sometimes
if the circumstances are right we can develop friendships,
which make us feel good.

Often though, life throws situations which cause people
to have to move away to other cities or even to other
completely different countries.

When distance comes between us and our friends, it
really is very unpleasant and distressing.
Maintaining a long distance relationship requires
conscious hard effort.

It is very difficult and many times impossible, due to
factors like, a completely different way of life, new
obligations and responsibilities, change in the way of


Fish Taverna _Sent


The Preservation


A)  Commitment:

Decide to keep your friendship alive even though you
both live in distant cities or countries.

B)  Contact:

Try to connect by telephone, text messages and emails
on a regular basis.

C)  Communication:

On birthdays and other occasions and holidays send cards
and photographs of yourself to hold the picture active.

D)  Visit:

Plan trips once or twice a year and spend time together
to catch up with all the latest.

E)  Variety:

From time to time surprise your friend by offering small
gifts either by mail or in person during your visits.


FishingBoat Sent


It is very challenging to maintain long distance friendships,
but if we try to make the time and put some effort,
it can be rewarding.

Life is hard and difficult, and the world we live in is full
of responsibilities, obligations and continuous stress.
However, it is possible to keep distant relationships active.






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