Hi there!


I was born into a middle class family.
We were always able to afford what we needed
as well as some luxuries.

It is in my character to be very practical with an
analytical mind.
From a young age I was very attracted to the
world of finances.

Because I am precise and attentive to detail, I like
to put my money only into safe investments;
like property and secure banking.

I am very organised and I do not like to overspend;
although, there have been times in my life when,
sadly, I have made some mistakes.

I know I am not going to become wealthy – and I do
not want to either, because it causes stress – but I am
certain I will always be financially safe.




Female Financial Security


Having been a banker for many years has given
me a lot of useful knowledge.

Most women, either married or not, are in a
disadvantageous position even if they feel secure
in their present circumstances.

Because our personal situation can change suddenly
with negative consequences, it is very wise for us to
have taken certain steps in time to secure our
financial future.




Necessary Moves


 1)  If you are a married woman,
 except holding Savings and Current/Checking
 accounts Jointly,
 you must have an emergency savings account
 Only in your name.

Invest in a long term Bond/Time Deposit for safe
 and better return.

If you have a big capital use different banks, for
 security reasons.

2)  If you are a married woman,
 except holding Credit Card(s) Jointly,
 keep a personal Credit Card in your
 name Only, to maintain your independence.

3)  If you are a single woman who works
 make certain you have a Private Pension
 scheme, in case you need or want to retire

4)  Be organised with your financial affairs and

It is also very wise to have a Living Will either
handwritten and kept safely in the house or with
a legal agent.


Calculator Glasses


Your Monthly Spending


1)  Housing Expenses (If you have a mortgage).

2)  Car Expenses (If you own a car).

Road Tax
Road Assistance
Service & Extras


Transportation Expenses (If you do not own a car).

3)  Food/House Expenses.

4)  Credit Card Payments.

5)  Utility Bills.

6)  Medical Expenses including Medical Insurance payments.

7)  Personal.

Health Club/Gym

8)  Savings (If you do not have  Capital saved).






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