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“So good to see that you look the same as when
I first met you, seventeen years ago” he said looking
deeply into her eyes;   and he went on
and on praising her looks.

By now, she started feeling a bit uncomfortable
because she already knew she did not actually
look the same, as all that time ago.

Seventeen whole years had eventually placed
their marks on her face.
But she also knew Bo — he was always being himself.
He would exaggerate forever.
His whole life was a big excess.

She started feeling in control again.
She relaxed and decided to enjoy the evening,
as she always used to do in older times.


Mystical Seeds


What we use on our face to keep our complexion
looking good is very important .
But what we eat is actually of more significance.

Our internal health is reflected on our face.
So we need a balanced diet which includes the
vitamins, minerals and antioxidants our skin needs
to be and stay healthy.

The following are the most important nutrients for
the skin’s particular needs.


The Requirements


Salmon Mandarins


(I)    Firming:

Eat all Berries, Pomegranates, dark Grapes and
Walnuts, because they are rich sources of Ellagic Acid,
an antioxidant which has been found to protect the
skin’s elastic fibres;  consequently it contributes
to firmness.

(II)  Anti-ageing:

  Eat Brazil nuts, Liver, fatty Fish, whole Grains

 and Prawns, because they contain the mineral
 Selenium, which activates our natural antioxidant
 enzymes;  consequently it delays our ageing.

b)  Eat bell Peppers, all Green vegetables, Citrus
 fruits and Kiwi, because they are rich sources of
 the Vitamin C, which is vital in the production
 of collagen to keep the skin youthful.


BrazilNuts Apples


(III) Plumping:

Eat Apples, Broccoli, Soy, Chocolate and Tea,
because of their high content in Flavonoids;
antioxidants which support healthy skin and
improve circulation.

(IV)  Hydrating:

Eat fatty Fish, Nuts, Seeds and Olive Oil,
because their Fat content helps our body form
healthy cells.


The wisest routine is to combine eating the necessary
nutrients to maintain healthy and youthful skin,
together with using the proper skin creams for the age
and type to achieve better and quicker results.






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