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I grew up worshipping the sea and the sun.
In the summers I used to walk to the beach and
swim and sunbathe for hours.
Fantastic experience!

I do miss those years, but now I realise the
dangers of lying in the sun for so many hours.

My mother was vigilant about her beauty routines.
I remember I used to watch her following a
cleansing/mosturising face ritual every day.

I will never forget her dedication to do everything right.
So I learned from my teen years the benefits of
looking after the skin.

When my mother died a few years ago, people remarked
how young she looked. She was in her 80s but her
face looked fifteen years younger.


Bottom Line


In our 50s and beyond our skin starts showing the
signs of ageing. Except wrinkling it begins to sag
and droop.

This is not only due to decreased elasticity but also
to decreased bone and muscle mass on the face.
So gravity starts taking its toll.

There is no cure for sagging skin — it is a sign of
natural ageing — but by following a strict care regimen
we can prolong its elasticity.


Creme NightCreme


The Ceremony


1)  Cleanse and moisturise your skin every day,
twice a day, massaging a vitamin enriched cream
well into the skin for better hydration.

2)  Use a Vitamin A or Vitamin C treatment product
 every now and then to help exfoliate your skin
 in a delicate way.

3)  Open a Vitamin E capsule and massage the oil on
your face to protect against further damage.

4)  Always use a Sun Protection cream when going





5)  Drink a lot of liquids during the day to prevent

6)  Keep active to maintain good blood circulation,
 and lift objects whenever possible to keep your
 muscles fit.

7)  Eat a healthy balanced diet to maintain the health
of your skin and prevent more sagging.

8)  Avoid all processed sugars in your diet because
they contribute to skin damage.

9)  Do not over drink, and supplement with a good
quality multivitamin.


Remember that baking in the sun can add up to twenty
years to our skin, while chronic stress can add up to
three to five years.

Try to avoid both as much as you can.





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