Mens Sana In Corpore Sano!




I first started swimming as a toddler, when my mother
used to take us to the sea every day from May to
September, because she enjoyed it herself.

Since then and until the early eighties, when I moved
to the UK, I was swimming daily.
Obviously after that, I was only swimming on holidays,
and occasionally in the pool here.

I do miss the sea very much!
This magical feeling of peace and pleasure floating
and gliding in the serene, cool, blue water, reflecting
the colour of the bright sky above…!


Swimming For Leisure


Swimming is an amazing exercise absolutely perfect
and very healthful for body and mind.

It really is an excellent hobby to have, and completely
suitable for all ages.

Not only it offers us a huge numbers of health benefits
but also it gives us a lot of fun.




The Advantages


a)  Ideal for increasing the heart rate and reducing
the blood pressure.
b)  It strengthens all the muscles in the body and
improves flexibility.
c)  It can cure joint and muscular problems.
d)  It exercises the lungs and regulates the breathing

e)  It is a low impact exercise, which means it puts
 very little force in all the joints.
f)  Most importantly, it has a calming effect on the
 mind, relieving stress and anxiety.

Sea -v- Pool


Swimming in a pool is very good as long as the pool
is checked, cleaned and maintained on a regular
basis, so there are no bacteria left to cause diseases.

Also pools are very busy during the day.
Finding the right time to go is very important to
be able to enjoy the  benefits of swimming.

Swimming in the sea offers mostly the same health
benefits as in the pool.


Far Beach




i)   The water is cooler, which helps enliven our
nervous system with more efficient stress elimination.

ii)  Sea water contains various minerals, which
benefit our skin and body in general.

iii) It is endless so we can swim where and how we want,
without having others close to us.

iv)  The huge uninterrupted waters really make you feel
perfectly clean and absolutely free.


Swimming is definitely one of the best exercises there is,
and a fun sport.
It is the most ideal hobby for better physical and mental

There are various swimming strokes, but we do not need
to swim like the athletes, to enjoy all the health benefits
it offers.

Leisure Swimming is what we need for a generally fit
body and a relaxed mind Simple Strokes and Floating.






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