Life Trials!





She knew her stressors but she was unable to control them.
So she kept on going superficially composed and very calm.

But she had already started suffering the negative
consequences in the form of anxiety and pains all over
her body.

We all have our personal way of responding to stressful
Sometimes this is voluntary but mostly it is our automatic
reaction to extreme pressure(s).

The way we react to the stressful situations in our life
is our very personal stress reflex.




The Culprits


The following are the most important and obvious
stress reflexes people adopt when under a lot of
pressure and heavy stress.


1)  The Explosive Type:

Always ready for a fight.
The solution to this reflex is to guide this belligerent
energy towards very fast sports to release the rage.

2)  The Keep Feelings Inside Type:

Always calm and peaceful externally.

The solution to this reflex is to meditate and write
to feel relaxed.


3)  The Fidgety Type

Always restless, agitated, worried and negative.

The solution to this reflex is to focus in the present
and think positively.

4)  The Risky Type:

Always taking big risks and seeking thrills.

The solution to this reflex is to do something very
exciting to take the mind off the stressing agent.
It can be any adventurous sport, including sex.
(Because they can all be dangerous in mid years,
though, keep things under control).




Breathing Space


One can also have a combination of the above
mentioned reflexes at one time alternating from one
to another;  or even move completely from one
to another.

A very quick solution to interrupt a sudden feeling of
losing control is to take a few deep breaths counting
and concentrating to the breath sound only.

Try to deal with your own personal stress reflexes to
the very best of your ability to minimise or even
to avoid the many negative physical and psychological
consequences, which result from them.







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