Everyday we dress to feel and look good.
Clothing reflects our character;  who we really are.

In our middle years we often feel the need to hide
our real age.
By trying to look younger than we are sometimes
we can wear the wrong outfits.

The secret is to look our best no matter what our
real age is.


The Protagonists


 Light Blue Top


The following items of clothing should never be worn
by anyone at most ages;  unless you are a model.


1)    Pleated Loose Trousers.
Always wear flat fronts.

2)    Tiny Mini Skirts.
Length is just above the knee.

3)    Acid Wash Jeans.
A very eighties style to avoid.

4)    Capped Sleeves.
Any other sleeve length will enhance any arm.

5)    Mini Shorts and High Heels.
Wear long shorts and flat shoes.

6)    Overalls.
Avoid completely.


Orange Top


7)    Boxy Jackets.
Wear fitted jackets only.

8)    Leggings as Pants.
They are good only for exercising in the gym.

9)    Logos.
Avoid completely.

10)  Male Clothes.
Avoid completely.

11)  Muffin Tops.
Wear tops which cover your waste.

12)  Sandals with Tights/Stockings.
They should only be worn bare feet.


Make reality the actual image of yourself you
have in your head, without being carried away by
emotional superficial desires.

Accept and enjoy your size and age.





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