Qui Audet Adipisciur!






Life is full of unexpected events. Sometimes it goes
smoothly but many times it can be very difficult
and disappointing.  It is then that we will be called
upon to start all over again.

We may have to face an unforeseen divorce, a sudden
death or a surprising illness.
Building up our life all over again is a frightening
thought which fills us with anxiety.

But also it is one which gives us ground and hope
to create a new life.
These modern times we live beginning a new life again
is an everyday reality.

Although it is a frightening experience and a hard try,
it is a new way to define ourselves.


Yellow Rose




Here are six simple ways to start your life again.


A)  Live In The Present


It is very easy to stay in the past because we have
already invested a big part of our lives in it.
But if we want to move on and start over, we must
leave the past where it belongs — in the past!

Keep busy with your present life and create a new you.


B)  Enjoy The Trip


Although as adults we have less time and opportunities
than the young, still we have the choice to be daring
and take some risks.

View the creation of your new self as a pleasant journey
and be thankful for what it brings to your new life.


C)  Trust The Conclusion


When we are ready to start over, we always
believe that our new life will be better than our previous
in many ways;  otherwise there is no point in
starting anything.

The opportunities are out there — we only need to find
and take advantage of them.




D)  Prioritize


 In order to succeed we have to put our priorities
right.  There is no way we can do everything at
the same time.

Focus on the most important things to be done
first in order to create the right flow of things.


E)   Bona Fide


We usually are stuck to what was  —  especially
the first few years after the unexpected event.
We always think what and how we used to be
and live.

Everything changes, and in order to follow we
must evolve and adapt ourselves to the new


F)  Defeat Struggle


Often when we have a difficult task to do we tend
to postpone it for indefinite periods.
By delaying taking the necessary steps to restart our
life it becomes progressively more difficult every day,
and finally it will never happen.

Start now to enjoy the life you want later.


Learn the lessons well, even if you have to go through fire,
and you will definitely succeed in creating your new self.
You will see and enjoy the dramatic change eventually.






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