Hi there!


She dressed carefully, put her make-up on to revive
her pale face and thin lips, and brushed her hair in a kind
of youthful way to show liveliness.

She watched herself in the mirror and felt so sad.
“I am a middle-aged woman, and it is showing!”
She thought, and felt the fear overtaking her whole body.

We all want the world to be able to see how youthful
we feel internally.  With a few considerate moves we
can defy our age and wipe out the years.


Empowering Actions


A)   Posture

Sitting up straight makes us look younger,
relaxed and confident.
Always keep your shoulders up and your body straight.




B)   Weight

Try to maintain the proper weight for your shape with regular
exercise, and a healthy and controlled diet.

C)   Dress

Dress young.  Buy well-fitted clothes and choose designs
younger than your age with brighter colours.  Wear the right
size under wired bra.




D)   Exercise

Keep active physically and mentally on a regular basis to
maintain your youth.

E)   Stress

Have any kind of sex at least once a week.  Think positively and
be optimistic. Your face will have less wrinkles and you
will sleep better.

F)   Hair

Have a younger hair style, dye your hair and add highlights to
brighten the face and make the hair look healthier.


Nail Polish


G)   Face

Look after your face using the right cosmetics for your skin type
and age.  Fill in your eye brows with a brow pencil to create
thickness for youthfulness.

 H)   Smile

Brush your teeth twice per day and floss every night. Use a teeth
brightening paste two to three times per week to keep teeth
more youthful.


Sparkling Rings


I)   Body

Wear nail polish and rings, which will distract the eye from any
ageing signs on the hands, like veins and brown spots. Also
wear a youthful smelling fragrance, like pink grapefruit.



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