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As I have mentioned previously I am an ardent supporter
of anti-ageing nutrition and supplementation.
As a Fitness and Nutrition Instructor I have been studying
the subject for the last 18 years now.

Although we can not stop ageing I do believe that we can
delay this terrible process.
It starts from the moment we are born, it manifests
itself during our middle years and takes a colossal leap after
the age of 58, when the dance of downfall starts becoming obvious.

Scientists are working every day to find these desperately wanted
compounds to prolong our youth.
They are already on the way and experimenting with specific
substances, which seem to be able to rejuvenate our bodies.

Obviously we are not going to live forever because we have a
genetically arranged life span — but we can die looking and
feeling younger instead of an old dotard.

If we are in the middle years and above, the best and most
safe way to achieve this is by adopting anti-ageing steps to
safeguard our bodies.
That is through the right nutrition and supplementation.


SSweet Potatoes TeaCup


Longevity Concoctions


1)  Fruits & Vegetables:

Eat as many as you can daily for their anti-oxidant protection
as well as their vitamin and mineral content.

 2)  Fatty Fish:

Eat wild salmon, mackerel and sardines at least twice a week
for their essential anti-ageing oils.

3)  Tea:

Drink tea daily for its high anti-oxidant content.

4)  Soy:

Eat pure soy products like, edamame and organic milk
as often as possible for better health.

5)  Garlic:

Eat garlic cooked or raw daily for its important health properties.

6)  Sweet Potatoes:

Eat sweet potatoes regularly for their Vitamin A, Beta Carotene
and Chromium content.

7)  Brazil Nuts:

Eat 2 to 3 brazil nuts daily for their Selenium content.

8)  Coconut Water:

Drink coconut water regularly because it is the most nutritionally
packed drink.


In general, try not to over eat and keep under control your sugar and
fat intake.

Women between the ages of 55 and 74 need 1,900 calories.
Men moderately active between the ages of 35 to 64 need 2,750 calories.


Quantum Leap


There is no substitute for a balanced diet, and in combination with the
following supplements we can ensure better ageing.

If you do not take anything else, take one good quality Multi-Vitamin
supplement to protect yourself;   OR   take the following:

1)  Vitamin C:

An important anti-ageing vitamin in doses of 500mg x 2 daily.

2)  Vitamin E:

An essential anti-oxidant vitamin to guard the body cells from damage
at a minimum dose of 100IU daily.

3)  Vitamin B Complex:

A vital group of vitamins to guard against mental deterioration
at a dose of 50mg daily.

4)  Calcium:

This very important mineral protects our bones.  It should be
taken daily 1000mg in divided doses.

5)  Vitamin D:

This hormone-like vitamin is important to the body for the absorption
of calcium at a minimum dose of 600IU daily.

6)  Magnesium:

This very useful mineral protects our heart at a dose of 300mg daily.

7)  Zinc:

The most vital mineral for supporting our immune system at a
dose of 20mg daily.

8)  Coenzyme Q-10:

A powerful anti-oxidant to protect our cells at a minimum dose of
30mg daily.




All vitamins and minerals should be taken with food during meals.

If you are taking any medications check with your physician because
there can be interactions with some medicines.






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