Hi there!


It is very cold today, so I am staying in reading,
researching and writing.
I am pondering on the importance of our home in our life.

Definitely our home is the heart of our life.
It is our harbour and our shelter;   our hiding place
where we feel safe, comfortable, warm and secure.
Certainly our home reveals our personality.

The colours we put on our walls, the smells  in our
rooms and the indoor plants we keep as well as
everything else inside our home should be
arranged to feed our minds and hold us close.


The Cleaning Agents


Indoor plants discharge oxygen and absorb carbon
dioxide as well as removing a number of
toxic chemicals.

They create a purified and  healthy atmosphere for
us to live, and help move the energy inside the room.

According to study and research some of the best
indoor air pollution cleansing plants are the


1)  Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana commonly known
as Corn Plant.


Dracaena 2


2)  Dracaena Marginata commonly known as
Madagascar Dragon Tree.


Dracaena 1


3)  Chamaedorea Seifrizii commonly known as
Bamboo Palm.




4)  Sansevieria Laurentii commonly known as
Mother-In-Law’s Tongue.




5)  Spathiphyllum commonly known as
Peace Lily.


Peace Lily


Keep some of these plants as well as others in your
home to breathe cleaner air and feel revitalised.





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