Splendid Retreat!



Hi there!


As a former banker for eight years I have always been
interested in numbers and calculations.

The subject of financial security has come up, and since
I find it fascinating, I am discussing it here.


The Pursuit


The thought of having permanent financial security makes
us feel pleasant, comfortable, relaxed and safe.

How much is enough, in reasonable terms?
Different people have different  ideas.

The following definitions seem to be the most important
for the majority of normal people.

1)  The ability to make choices and feel happy.

2)  To feel confident about the future.

3)  To be able to invest in a good medical and long term
insurance cover.

4)  Being absolutely debt-free and in control.

5)  To be able to live well today and save for tomorrow.


Walk_1 Walk5


Escape to Paradise


Many people can not afford to retire.
Their financial sources are inadequate to meet their needs.
Of course, it all depends on one’s personal lifestyle choices.

A quick and easy way to calculate how much you will
need is as follows:

1)  Decide the age you want to retire.

2)  Create a likely income forecast taking into account
all your sources  (pensions, savings, investments).

3)  Calculate your current income from all sources.

4)  Make two lists:

a)  Your current living expenses.

b)  Your expected living in retirement expenses
including a 3% inflation.

5)  Calculate the difference.

6)  If you have a deficit you will need to start saving from now.


Make your best arrangements,
have your creature comforts, and
get out in the world and start living.





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