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Since ancient times people have always been searching for
ways to prolong life.
We all want to grow old being healthy and looking youthful.
We all want to live as long as possible.

To achieve a balanced life it is very important to understand
our body’s natural clock;  which is determined genetically
and triggered from the hypothalamus in response to the light.
Of course it can vary from person to person possibly by
a couple of hours.

During the years, according to various circumstances and
taking in to account my body’s natural clock, I devised a whole
day’s healthy lifestyle for women in middle years with no
specific business or family obligations.


Porkchop TeaCup


A Complete Day



Wake up, take a few deep breaths, stretch and feel
Think of your day positively.
Get up and perform your morning rituals.


Have a healthy breakfast.


Finish your daily morning rituals.
Review your day’s pursuits.


Perform your external business  OR
any planned house jobs.


Have a healthy lunch.


Perform any planned office work,
read and write.


Have your tea break and relax with your chosen company.


Cook and eat a healthy dinner.


Relax watching your favourite film.


Perform your evening rituals.

Put a few drops of lavender oil in your pillow.

Turn some soothing music on, and relax by breathing
and visualising meaningful scenes to you,  OR
just read your favourite novel.

Drift gradually to sleep.


Bookmark Rescue




If you wake up in the middle of the night:

a)   Keep repeating one meaningful word over and over in your mind
until you sleep again.

b)   Take Bach Rescue Remedy Night.


It is easy to feel and be beautiful by adjusting our daily schedule
giving priority to ourselves.







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