New Beginnings!


Hi there!


She was in her late seventies when her first book
was published, while her friend was already in her
eighties when she started dancing …… 

We all have our own inspirations;   perhaps some of us feel artistic.
During our younger years we are all absorbed with various survival
commitments and obligations, which do not let us explore the
talents we possess.

But if we try to make time and decide to develop our creative side
our quality of life will improve considerably.


The Chimera Potential


When you start doing something new, you never know where it will lead:
A hobby can turn into a new career and a new path of life.

A way of dealing with stress and anxiety is a discovery of a new
ingenious solution.

Mid-life is the ideal time for most of us to explore what we can do
to unlock our imagination.




The Game Plan


Most people do not know when and where to start.
Certainly it is not easy – and definitely it needs a lot of
time and hard consideration to decide finally.

But it is very simple:


1)   Think hard:


       a)   Where you are at this stage in your life.  (Current Circumstances)
       b)   How you feel at this stage in your life.  (Personal situation)
       c)   What is the thing you would like to do to feel happy now.


2)   Start as soon as possible.


       Life is too short and you can not afford to wait any longer.


3)   Do not think that whatever you do has to be perfect.


      Nothing is perfect and it will never be.


TwoBooks Book




Artistic                              Sporty   

Singing                                Swimming
Dancing                              Snow Skiing
Drawing                              Walking
Painting                              Yoga


Various                            Other

Touring                                Gardening
Flower Arranging             Baking
Course Studying                Cooking


Some people may decide to develop a new career.
Whatever you do, it will define who you are.

We always say:
“It is never too late”, and we wait for the right time to arrive.

But because it really can be “too late” some times,

Decide and Do it Now!






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