The Jewels!


Hi there!


I do most of my food shopping on line, but when
I want specific fresh products I go myself to check
and then buy.

I am a flesh eater and I firmly believe we must eat
protein with every meal.
But I do recognize that we also need to include a colourful
variety of fruits and vegetables in our daily diets.

Vegetables and fruits give our body the nutrients it
needs to maintain itself and be healthy. 
They are very rich sources of fibre, vitamins, minerals,
enzymes and phytochemicals to fight diseases, like:
diabetes, high blood pressure, eye problems, urinary tract
problems, heart, brain, bones and immune system problems.

They also have less calories so we can maintain a healthy
weight more easily.

We need a minimum of five portions of vegetables and fruits
daily, but the more we can eat the better.

This equals to:   5 x 80gr = 400gr = 14oz   on a daily basis.


The Colourful Gems




A)  Red/Pink:

      Pomegranates                   Tomatoes
      Cherries                               Beetroot
      Strawberries                       Red Onions
      Red Grapes                        Radishes
      Watermelon                         Red Peppers
      Red Apples                         Radiccio




B)  Orange/Yellow: 

      Apricots                                Sweet Potatoes
      Mangoes                              Sweet Corn
      Peaches                               Carrots
      Oranges                               Yellow  Bell Peppers
      Pears                                    Orange Peppers




C)  Green:

      Spinach                                Kiwi
      Asparagus                          Green Grapes
      Broccoli                                Green Apples
      Brussels Sprouts               Avocados
      Peas                                     Cucumber
     Green Beans                        Limes
     Courgettes                            Green Pears




D)  Blue/Purple:

       Purple Berries                    Purple Cabbage
      Prunes                                  Aubergines


E)  White:

      Bananas                               Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Parsnips



Making healthy eating choices will ensure the body’s
supplies of nutrients.





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