Facta Non Verba!




The  three Fates – Moirai (Μοίραι) in Greek mythology.

Clotho (Κλωθώ), the one who spun the thread of human life.
Lachesis (Λάχεσις), the one who measured the length of the
thread of human life.
Atropos (Ατροπος), the one who finally cut the thread of human life.

The course of events we go through our life are supposed to be
predetermined by this power called fate.

Although sometimes this seems to be true in a way, we still have
the power ourselves to control our final destiny.

We can do this by believing in ourselves and by adopting techniques
to change what happens, and lead a more fulfilled life.


The three Moirai by Johann Gottfried Schadow

The three Moirai by Johann Gottfried Schadow

Transforming Agents


1)  A chaotic house reflects a confused mind.
Organize your house and yourself to simplify your life
and be in control.

2)  Trust your instincts more and act on impulse.

3)  Try to eliminate phobias from your life and free yourself.

4)  Dress to express the way you think at this point of your life
and emphasize your strengths.

5)  Plan your jobs and do the most important first, concentrate
and finish it;  then start another.

6)  Complain for faulty products or services you bought.

7)  See the bright side of things and do not find the wrongs with
everything around you.

8)  Do gardening.  It is a source of physical exercise, a stress
reliever and it is creative.




9)  Take chances in your life.  They may lead to desirable outcome.

10) Always eat breakfast every morning to recharge your body.

11) Use Feng Shui in your house for overall health.

12) Plan and take a holiday to refresh your body and mind.

13) Watch less TV and get a hobby you like.

14) Smile more and get spiritual.

15) Keep your brain active by reading and learning.

16) Get a good night’s sleep for health and vitality.

17) Cook and eat for better nutrition and weight control.

18) Change your lifestyle by downsizing to simplify
your life.  It will give you freedom and less worries.






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