Okole Maluna!




The cougar!  A large cat, a species of Puma!
A solitary and nocturnal predator!

“And here’s to you, Mrs Robinson
Jesus loves you more than you will know…”

by Paul Simon


The Siren


The cougar woman is a very hot trend these days.
It describes a very confident and sophisticated woman
in her 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s sometimes.

When women reach middle age, and in combination
with life’s changes, they feel the need to break out of
their usual lifestyle and become free spirited, de novo.




The cougar woman embraces herself no matter what
her age is.

She cares for her physical and mental health as well as
her beauty.
She is choosy and calculating.
She is confident and strong.
She is smart and sexy.
She is independent and a good listener.


Cougar by Art.G

Cougar by Art.G

Femme Fatale


There is a shift towards older women from mature
younger men for a serious relationship.

They recognize that older women can communicate
better, they are mature in their thinking and they are
very confident.

All these attract a good number of men who do not
believe younger women possess these attributes.

It is a fact that older women are wiser and more
experienced than younger ones.
Also many of them have high standards in their choices;
and these appeal to many men.

It is proven that relationships between older women and
younger men are very harmonious.


Age is an issue ONLY if one cares!





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