Nulli Secunda!


Hi there!


“They are making a film using the park as a background”
the guard said.

Three cameras aimed at a couple embracing and kissing
each other;   and a number of men rushing
with instructions.

Beyond he could see the equipment and even more
frenetic activity.
“She looks so beautiful and sexy” he thought …….


PerlNecklace Necklace_2


Neck Business


Our neck and hands are the main parts of our body
which reveal our age instantly.
The neck is an extension of our face and it needs
exactly the same care and attention we give to our faces.

That means:   cleansing, toning exfoliating and moisturising.
Also it needs the same high SPF cream we use on our faces.

The neck has fewer fat cells, so the skin is naturally drier
than the face;   consequently it becomes saggy and wrinkly
much faster.

For this reason, the best solution is to moisturise our neck a
few times during the day to keep the skin smooth.


LeafNecklace Necklace_3


The Camouflage


1)   Posture is the most important factor:
Stand tall, look directly forward and keep the neck straight up.

2)   An airy, smart and modern hair cut and colour will
distract from the neck.

3)   Proper make up will draw the attention to the face instantly.

4)   Necklaces are a very good cover.
Pearls, chains, diamonds and any other fashion jewellery, twisted or
straight, will do the job.

5)   A beautiful scarf is an excellent accessory to hide a problematic neck.

6)   Turtle neck tops are another very good cover for a wrinkled neck,
but they should not be very tight.

7)   Stand up collars in modern shirts and shaped jackets can also help.




Always have the right attitude, and everything else is only details.





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