Jewels of Happiness!


Hi there!


She loved the pleasant compliments he paid her.
“Does he want to become intimate?” she wondered, and
smiled at him craftily.

He reached out for her hand unable to take his eyes off her.
“I like your hands;  so soft and sexy” he said.

She noticed his serene face and felt very relaxed.
“Let’s do this, again” she said smiling.
She raised her hand, touched his hair and kissed him softly……




Disturbing Facts


Being married has many physical and psychological benefits:
Better overall health, lower mortality, higher sexual satisfaction
and greater wealth.

As the years move on the romantic love and the sexual
excitement we felt start fading;  firstly due to the natural progress
in the relationship and secondly due to our every day life.

It can be difficult for us to keep our relationship as fresh as it
felt at the beginning.
Unless we try hard to keep it warm and active, the every day
monotony will create weariness, we will become disinterested
and boredom will settle with unpleasant consequences.




Secret Business


1)  Any common day of the week try to arrange something amazing
your partner will like and appreciate.

2)  When you sit together try to develop an interesting discussion on
a subject of common interest, which you will both enjoy.

3)  Develop a common hobby either it is in the house or out.

4)  On occasions try to arrange a date to meet out somewhere
you both like.

5)  Every now and then send him/her a loving text or call to show
your feelings.

6)  Praise your partner’s efforts and actions from time to time
to make them feel appreciated.




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