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A wide bright smile revealing brilliant teeth is a blessing
for anyone.
But most often our teeth seem to be unimportant in relation
to having a youthful skin and shiny hair.

As we grow older the condition of our teeth changes.
They start developing cracks, changing colour and
become thinner.
They also wear down due to chewing, cleaning and


Standing Dental-Tools


Clever Tactics


Detailed daily dental care is absolutely essential.

1)   Brush your teeth a minimum of twice daily,
using an electric tooth brush.

2)   Floss your teeth every night.

3)   Scrape your tongue either with a special tongue
scraper or your tooth brush regularly.

4)   Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic rinse without alcohol.

5)   Polish your teeth every now and then using a specific tooth
polish easily bought in a pharmacy.


EL-Tandborste Dental-Basket


Smile Nutrients


Eat the following nutritional foods to maintain healthy teeth.

1)   Carrots, for their Vitamin A content which is necessary for the
formation of tooth enamel.

2)   Cheese, for its Lactic Acid content which helps prevent
tooth decay.

3)   Green Tea, for its antioxidant properties to reduce bacteria
in the mouth.

4)   Kiwi, for its Vitamin C content to maintain collagen in the gums.

5)   Onions, for their Sulphur components which reduce bacteria
in the mouth.

6)   Salmon, for its Vitamin D content for better calcium absorption.


Important Helpers


If your diet is not providing all necessary nutrients, take the following.

1)   Vitamin C for healthy gums.

2)   Vitamin D to absorb calcium.

3)   Vitamin B complex for healthy mouth.

4)   Omega 3 fatty acids for their anti-inflammatory and
anti-bacterial properties.

5)   Calcium & Magnesium for general oral health.

6)   Probiotics for protection against mouth diseases.





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