Hi there!


Inside the BA Boeing I sat in my pre-booked aisle seat.
Although the gates were not closed yet and the
passengers were still boarding, the flight was not full.

I heard some talking and I glanced  back to see what
was happening;  then I saw him!

He was a tall good-looking and well-dressed man in
his mid forties with light chestnut hair and green eyes.

He was talking to the stewardess, who seemed fascinated
by him.
“You can change seat, if you want to” I heard her saying,
“the plane is half empty”.
“Thank you, I will” he replied and started walking slowly
towards the front of the cabin.

“You look very very beautiful”.  “Thank you, sir”………..




Quick Beauty


If we need to make an appearance and we do not have enough
time to elaborate, the best thing to do is to pay attention to the
three most important parts of our body people look first:
Our Hair, our Lips and our Hands.

These will be absolutely enough to make us look beautiful.

1)  Hair:

Wash and style your hair carefully giving it a fresh,
modern and youthful look.

2)  Lips:

Line your lips with a lip liner to emphasize the shape
and hold the lipstick. 
Use a bright colour to lighten the face.

3)  Nails:

Use a bright nail polish and a top coat to protect.
If your nails are already painted but they have chapped edges,
repair the edges by covering them with the polish and
put a top coat all over the nails to make them look new.


The Rescuer


Petroleum jelly or Vaseline as we know it, is a very
popular product.
It is used in Beauty, Medicine and the house.
We should always keep a box in our cabinet for emergencies.


Here are some wonderful uses of this product:

1)  As an emergency moisturiser for dry skin on face and body.

2)  As a lip balm for chapped lips.

3)  As a face highlighter in specific areas to brighten up.

4)  As a make up remover on the skin and the eyes.

5)  As a skin exfoliator when mixed with salt or sugar.




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