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She went through the whole day to the best of her ability.
She was too proud to let people see how stressed she was.
As soon as everybody left, she ran to her room feeling
anxious and drained.
She wished she could let everything go and disappear;  
she wanted to free herself from all pressing bonds in her life.
Stress and anxiety are things we can not escape. 
They are an inevitable part of our every day modern
way of life:  work, home, money, marriage – and
there is no way we can avoid them.
The best thing we can do is to find ways to cope as best
as we can on a day-by-day basis.




Instant Positive Frame of Mind


1)   Plan a holiday to move your mind somewhere else.
2)   Go for a walk or a drive.
3)   Think meaningful words like, peace and faith.
4)   Imagine yourself in a place where you feel happy.
5)   Sing and dance.
6)   Eat protein and soya foods.
7)   Write or read things you like to focus your mind.




Instant Relaxation Steps


1)   Take three deep breaths and stretch your whole body.
2)   Hold someone’s hand.
3)   Chew a piece of gum.
4)   Sweep floors in the house or the garden.
5)   Drink chamomile tea with honey.
6)   Smell lavender essential oil.
7)   Say a prayer.
8)   Take Bach rescue remedy.




Permanent Rules

1)   Get enough sleep.
2)   Walk anytime, anywhere.
3)   Listen to music on a daily basis.
4)   Avoid stressful situations.
5)   Avoid stressful people.
6)   Have routines and rituals.
7)   Eat a healthy diet.
8)   Say “NO” to unnecessary pressures.
9)   Live in the Present.



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