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Our eternal dream is to look younger, feel fresher
and have a smooth soft skin.
Women spend billions a year on face creams in the
hope that their skin will look more youthful.

There are two kinds of skin ageing:


A)   Hereditary Ageing


This is the natural biological ageing of our skin as well
as the rest of our body, as the years pass.
This type of ageing is becoming apparent with thinness,
paleness, sagging and wrinkling of the skin.
It is our genetic inheritance, and it becomes more obvious
after the age of 60.


B)   External Ageing


This type of ageing depends on our lifestyle habits, and is
becoming apparent with dry skin, wrinkles, veins, sun-spots
and sagging.
It is the result of our bad eating habits, unhealthy living
habits, stress, pollution and UV light.



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As far as the hereditary ageing is concerned, we have
little control over it except for acquiring a healthy
life style to assist the natural process.

It will progress as we are genetically predisposed,
and if we are lucky we will keep on looking so good
as our parents did in our age.

As far as the external ageing is concerned, we can
take the necessary steps to minimise the harmful
effects and slow down the ageing process.




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A)   Alcohol:


Alcohol dehydrates the skin, affects the blood circulation
negatively and depletes the body of vital vitamins
and minerals.
Either eliminate alcohol completely or drink only
one glass of  good red wine when you feel.


B)   Pollution:


We are surrounded by chemicals inside our homes
and outside.
We touch, handle, breath and eat various substances
which cause free radicals to develop in our bodies.
Try to avoid any toxic materials you come in to contact
as well as eating healthy foods to avoid harmful oxidation.


C)   Smoking:


Smoking is not only a very dirty habit but also a very
damaging one to our overall health. 
It also harms our skin and accelerates ageing.
There is only one solution.
Cut it completely out from your life forever.


D)   Sun:


Sun’s UV rays are extremely damaging to our skin. 
It creates free radicals and accelerates the skin’s
ageing process.
Control your sun exposure and wear sun protection
creams and sunglasses protect yourself.


E)    Caffeine and Tannin:


Prolonged use of caffeinated drinks and foods has
many negative effects.
They cause dehydration, worsen acne prone skin and
assist in the creation of liver spots.
Reduce your consumption of these foods in your diet.


F)   Sleep:


Our bodies need sleep to function properly.
Lack of sleep creates dark circles underneath our eyes,
creates lines and wrinkles, it encourages puffiness.
Try to sleep at least six hours every night
to improve your skin texture and glow.





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