Double Blessing!


Hi there! 


They looked into each other’s eyes, smiled and touched
lovingly, feeling very relaxed!
They leaned closer and as their parted lips touched
they were in paradise…! 

Ahhhhh!   Kiss…. Kiss…..
The universal language of affection, romance, passion!
It is so wonderful and warming to kiss and be kissed!
It is fun, makes us feel good, intimate and bonded.

The Kiss by Rodin

The Kiss by Rodin

The Kiss by Rodin

The Kiss by Rodin

 The Past 


The kiss’s history dates to around 1500 BC or so in India
and Babylonia.
Homer’s, the ancient Greek poet, epics substantiate that kissing
was common those ancient years.  

More recently the Romans introduced the kiss to the countries
they invaded.
Since then, kissing has evolved following our evolution during
the years, and it is influenced by the customs and traditions
of the different countries.

The Kiss by Rodin

The Kiss by Rodin

Bottom Line 


1)  Kissing makes us feel appreciated and loved.

2)  Kissing is an active meditation with all the health benefits
connected to it:
Reducing stress, tension, anxiety and consequently any
physical health problems arising from them.

3)  Kissing increases saliva production, which removes mouth
and teeth bacteria.

4)  Kissing is a facial workout with great benefits to our skin.

5)  Kissing improves our immunity by causing our body to
produce antibodies to fight any foreign bacteria. 


July 6th is the International Kissing Day.

Celebrate this day and every day with a loving kiss!


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