Glorious Beauty!



Hi there! 


Spring is around the corner and summer
will follow soon;  so now we need to reveal
the secrets about our skin’s actual needs.

Our skin, the largest organ of our body must
always radiate health, because we are able to
control its ageing process by 70% with our
lifestyle choices. 

Younger does not mean better, but we do not
need to look older;  and as we age and our skin
becomes more delicate, instead of feeling
dreadful and helpless we must take good care of it.


NightCreme SPF-50


The Vital Secrets


1)    Facial massage tones and improves our
skin’s texture.
Every day massage your moisturiser and eye
cream on your face.

2)    Wear a minimum of SPF 30 every day even
when it is cloudy.

3)    Exfoliate your face using a cream with natural
enzymes and not a gritty scrub gel .

4)    Wear a lip balm and lipstick when going out,
for general protection.

5)    Do not overexercise because it slackens the
skin and oxidises cells.

6)    Sleep in a cool, humid bedroom and use a night
cream with peptides to repair your skin’s damage.


Satsuma Crema


7)    Avoid cow’s milk because it contains growth
hormones which aggravate adult acne-like spots.

8)    Eat fatty fish for its very beneficial omega 3 oils.

9)    Eat seeds for their zinc content which is an
anti-inflammatory and healing agent.

10)  Eat fruits and vegetables for their anti-oxidant
vitamin C content to protect the skin’s collagen.

11)  Eat nuts and oils for their vitamin E content to
reduce the damage caused by free radicals and protect
the skin’s elastin fibres.

12)  Eat the poultry skin (after removing the fat)
because it contains hyaluronic acid, which holds water
and plumps our skin, so we have less wrinkles.

13)  Eat more beta carotene and vitamin B foods for
a period before you expose yourself to the sun’s UV rays,
because they will help the skin to tan more easily and not burn.

14)  Exfoliate and moisturise your body on a regular basis.






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