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A combination of contradictory terms: 
Ageing Beauty.
Do we like our ageing face?
Do we enjoy the ageing process?

Ageing is an inevitable part of our life, and
began billions of years ago when the first
multicellular organism formed.

It started because some of its cells became
diseased and stopped reproducing themselves — so
it went on and on and on, until today.






Everlasting Beauty 


There are a number of Real documented ways for
us to continue feeling beautiful and attractive as
we grow older.

1)  Acceptance 

Recognize and defy the subject, and grow into
becoming who you are. 
Be flexible and learn from your past.

2)  Confidence 

Believe and carry yourself in a brave and fearless way.

3)  Focus 

Emphasize your best point including your smile
and use it to make you feel attractive.

4)  Reinvention 

Redesign your beauty and fashion styles to suit
the woman you are becoming. 
Feel attractive and sensual as you age.






Final Note: 

Smile generously and look the best you can for your
age by being healthy and full of vitality.

We can not stop the time passing but we can look
forward with anticipation and courage.

Be the author of your own life!




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