The Lure!



Hi there! 


Beauty was personified by the Greek mythological
goddess Aphrodite.

The concept of beauty is found in the ancient
Greek philosophers’ schools,
and it is connected to
mathematical symmetry and higher ideas.

Based on these ancient beliefs a woman can be
considered a
“classical beauty”.
Actual beauty is the result of combining a healthy
body and a
healthy mind.


The Ultimate Face Lift 


A face massage using essential oils will help us
acquire a radiant complexion
by stimulating
our circulation and it will brighten our eyes.

It will also nourish our skin, it will relax our
muscles and make our whole
body feel at ease.
It will calm our minds and we will feel much
more confident.

Consequently, a face massage will give us the
perfect face lift, we will
look younger and feel beautiful.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E


To massage the face you will need,


2 tsp (10ml)  Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil  (Vitamins, Proteins Minerals)
2 drops         Geranium Essential Oil  (Anti-depressant & Astringent)
2 drops         Chamomile Essential Oil  (Calming & Healing)
1 Caps           Vitamin E Oil  (Anti-ageing)

Mix well and massage gently on your face with upward and outward
strokes starting from the throat.

Help the oil to be fully absorbed with circular movements.

Finish by tapping lightly over the whole face. 




Hydrotherapy contributes to massage largely,
and it is something
we can include with our
shower routine.

Hot water makes us feel relaxed by raising our
body’s temperature.

Cold Water stimulates our circulation and makes
us feel invigorated.

Finally we feel refreshed and revitalized.




The Ritual


To massage the body you will need, 


4tsp (20ml)  Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil
5 drops         Orange Essential Oil  (Uplifting & Anti-spasmodic)
5 drops         Frankincense  (Calming & Anti-ageing) 


Mix well and, 

1)  In the shower moisten the skin and exfoliate the
whole body
with circular strokes.

2)  Using the shower jet massage in circling movements
all parts of
the body starting from the legs.

3)  If you want, alternate the water from hot to cold.

4)  Dry the skin and massage the whole body with
the oil blend.





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