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Touch is the most important part of the
human contact.
It makes us feel connected, loved, relaxed,
pleased and comforted.
By touching we sense the world.


Historical Facts


The Greek Father of Medicine Hippocrates,
wrote about how he used friction to treat
many health problems.

This manipulation of the muscles and soft
tissues to improve mental and physical health
we call massage.
It has been practised for centuries and in most
cultures, starting around 4,000 years ago in China.

The massage Greeks practised at that time was a
manual treatment of the patient’s body to relieve muscle
pains and intestinal problems.




Garden of Tonics


During the 1800s  rubbing developed to the
massage we know today as Swedish.
There are around 100 massage techniques; 
and although the western masseurs practice it
having in their minds the anatomy and physiology
of the person, the eastern masseurs aim for best
balancing the energies in the body.

1)   Swedish Massage : Very good for general health restoration.

2)  Lymphatic Drainage : Ideal to improve various congestive conditions.

3)  Chinese Massage : To improve the flow of energy for general well-being.

4)  Indian Massage : To feed the body internally.

5)  Thai Massage : Physical application of loving kindness.

6)  Head Massage : To invigorate.

7)  Shiatsu Massage : to influence the flow of energy for good health.

8)  Reflexology: To affect internal organs and different body systems.

9)  Moroccan Massage : To revitalize.






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