The Doctrine!


Hi there!


When our body and mind are in proper balance
then we can say we are Healthy.
All of us can create the true life we desire, but in order
to do this we need to listen to our deepest feelings,
which sometimes are not in harmony.

All the people carry emotional imbalances either from
their past or their present.
These imbalances contribute to our emotional, and in a
wider sense to our physical health.

People do not accept that there may be a problem,
which needs to be addressed, because most situations
are viewed as normal and as part of our modern life.


The History


In the 16th century the famous Swiss physician Paracelsus used
the dew from plants to treat people’s emotional problems

In the 1930s the English physician Edward Bach discovered
that the dew from specific flowering plants and trees had
healing powers.

He went on to discover 38 essences and invented his own sun
potentizing method to collect the natural essences from his plants.


The Facts


People are genetically predisposed to various health problems.
Together with the contribution of external influences the mind
starts thinking negatively resulting in different vicious acts.

The significance of the Bach flower essences is to find the
fault and eliminate it by developing the opposite virtue.
Then we will be able to reconnect with our inner self and be happy.

Because happiness is a state of mind we must decide
to be happy.


Pastilles Boxes


The Forces in Action


Each flower essence responds to a specific negative state of mind,
and it should be adjusted according to each person’s needs;
so it will ideally lift our spirits  and consequently bring us peace.




The Groups


Bach created 7 groups of personalities and included their 38
behavioural variations, each of which was represented by a flower essence.

1)   Fear
2)   Uncertainty
3)   Insufficient Interest in the Present
4)   Loneliness
5)   Over-Sensitive to Influences
6)   Despair
7)   Over-Care for Others


The essences can be taken either as One to address a specific problem
or in Combination.

The recommendation since the 1930s is No More than Six essences
should be taken together.

For best results, according to tests, you should combine only Four
essences at any one time.

The essences should be taken for as long as it is necessary to relieve
the problem.






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