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The very essence of our life is Breathing.
No Breath  –  No Life.
Breathing techniques are the basis of many ancient philosophies.

In our every day life we get stressed and hold our breath,
and then we get anxious and breathe shallowly.
This contributes negatively to our already problematic situation.

Consequently, breathing is a way of controlling our mind
and change the way we feel positively.




The Breath of Life


We breathe air, which is a combination of various gases,
but we do not
exactly know how to do this correctly.
Breathing is very closely connected with Energy, Vitality,
Relaxation and with our overall Health.

In China this energy we breathe is called Chi, and it is
used by the people
to be flexible when they exercise.
In India it is called Prana, and people use it to reach a deep
relaxation stage.

Yogic breathing, the Pranayama, is the most effective
technique to achieve deep
relaxation and rid ourselves from
Tension, Stress and Anxiety during our daily life.




The Full Yogic Breath 


1)   Lie down in the corpse position with your legs slightly
apart and your arms slightly
 away from your body with
the palms turned up, and relax.

2)   Inhale through your nose by expanding your abdominal area
filling it with fresh air.

3)   Drive the air through your rib cage and feel it expanding.

4)   Continue driving the air through to your upper chest and
feel your collar
 bone and shoulders expanding.

5)   Hold your breath for a few seconds.

6)   Exhale slowly in the opposite way.

7)   Hold your breath for a few seconds.

Start again and repeat five times.  Then relax.






You can do this exercise in a seated comfortable position holding
your back upright, shoulders relaxed and keep your hands on your
thighs with the palms turned up.

If you do this daily you will enjoy many health benefits, including:

********  Reduced Anxiety
********  Reduced Muscle Tension
********  Deep-Cleansing of the Body
********  Better Blood Circulation
********  Calmer Nervous System



Learning to restore the balance between mind and body will give us
optimum health.

By learning to breathe properly we will protect ourselves from all
modern life illnesses and maintain maximum vitality.





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