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The principle of Feng Shui is an ancient technique
about the effects of the environment in our life.
It originated in Chinese astronomy, and now it is
practised using the magnetic compass and the
energy map.

It means wind and water, which are associated
with good health in Chinese culture.
It is believed that if we have everything surrounding
us properly organised our life will be greatly improved.




Feng Shui handles the five elements to achieve harmony:


***  Wood which symbolizes Creativity and corresponds to colour Green.
***  Fire which symbolizes Energy and corresponds to colour Red.
***  Earth which symbolizes Stability and corresponds to colour Yellow.
***  Metal which symbolizes Success and corresponds to colour White.
***  Water which symbolizes Communication and corresponds to colour Black.


Everything should be arranged according to these five
elements so the flowing energy (QI) can move around
freely to enhance our health and prosperity.




Feng Shui Home Tips 


A house is full of energy so its interior design affects the
flow of this energy.

1)   House entrance should be clear and free of any obstacles.

2)   Do not leave shoes outside your back door.

3)   Do not block doors with furniture or other objects.

4)   There should always be space between the furniture
in the rooms.

5)   Make certain there are no dark corners in the rooms
by placing plants.

6)   Place your beds in front of solid walls.

7)   Keep your bedroom window open for 20 minutes daily.

8)   Use only bedside lamps. If you have hanging lights do
not turn them on.

9)   TV sets in the bedrooms should be covered or switched
off completely.

10)  Always sit with your back to a wall and far from windows.

11)  Mirrors should be placed in corridors to move the energy.

12)  Everything in the kitchen should be wooden.
Knives should never be displayed.

13)  Install a small water fountain in your home for good luck.





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