Pes Cura!


Hi there!


Usually we want people to look in our eyes, but in
the summer or when we
go on holiday, we want
people to admire our beautiful feet.

Pedicure, the pampering of our feet is a luxury
treatment to improve the 
appearance of our feet
and toenails.

Again, as with manicure, it started thousands of
years ago in ancient Egypt, 
Babylonia, Rome and China.


Footbath Scissors
Pedicure Polishes


The Blissful Ritual


1)    Fill the bathtub with warm water and add bath
salts and some olive oil.

2)    Soak your feet for 10 minutes.

3)    Massage an exfoliating foot or body scrub into
the bottoms of your feet.

4)    Without removing the scrub, use a pumice or
foot brush to buff down dead skin.

5)    Rinse your feet well with cool water and dry.

6)    Cut the toenails straight, smooth the edges with a
file and push back the cuticles.

7)    Moisturise the whole feet using a rich foot cream.

8)    Wipe the moisturiser off the toenails and apply a
base coat to protect the nails.

9)    Apply two coats of your chosen colour nail polish,
as with hand nails.

10)  Apply a top coat to maximise the colour stay and
let your nails dry well.

Using toe separators will make painting your nails much easier.




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