Mischievous Gremlins!


Hi there!


He was renting his apartment as a rendezvous
place with his female friends.
Later that night he took a taxi and went home alone.
He was running out of steam.

Bo had started losing his hair. 
This was very worrying and caused him a lot of anxiety. 
He was very unhappy with this situation and he was
to do anything to change it.


The Naked Truth 


In their twenties, a quarter of men start losing
their hair.
Between thirty and thirty five, two thirds of men
will have some hair loss.
In their fifties, an amazing eighty five percent of men
will suffer from baldness.

Although hair loss is a genetic predisposition there
are some steps you can take to thicken your mane.


Panna-Fram Platta-Fram Platta-Bak


The Bottom Line



Hair loss is very closely connected to the body’s stress levels.
Use relaxation techniques to eliminate high stress from you life.

B)     DIET

A healthy diet is absolutely vital for the maintenance of you hair.

1)  Eat lean protein with every meal to increase hair thickness, and
specifically soya, which may block the hair loss hormone in the body.

2)  Eat essential fatty acids in the form of:  wild salmon, nuts,
seeds and extra virgin olive oil to improve your hair texture.


1)  Vitamin B complex, will help with the oxygen supply
and moisture to the scalp.

2)  Vitamin C, supplies collagen to keep hair strong.

3)  Vitamin E, will improve the blood circulation.

4)  Vitamin A, will maintain the right amount of oils on the scalp.

5)  Zinc + Copper, will maintain a healthy immune function.





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