My Valentine!


Hi there!


Every year on the 14th of February people
celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.
Valentine has a very long but vague history
with many versions.

It is a popular festival in many countries in the
world, and it is associated with romantic love.
Couples exchange gifts, flowers and sweets.

These days many people celebrate this day by
dining in restaurants.
If you chose to celebrate at home, I have these
ideas for you to enjoy a very romantic evening
with your loved one.


Basket Pink FlowersTeddy Shelf


Love Games


A)   Make certain everything is right for this special evening:


1)   Your loved one is free of any obligations.
2)   If you have any children arrange for them to be away.
3)   The house is clean and tidy.
4)   Romantic music is playing in the background.
5)   Light aromatic candles around the rooms.


B)   Look after yourself:


Dress as if you are going to go out:
For women — sexy dress, high heels, hair and make up.
For men — suit, clean shoes and freshly shaved.


C)   Exchange of gifts:


Except the usual flowers, cards and chocolates;
if you are going to exchange any gifts it is a very attractive
gesture to give something more personal with a special meaning.


Wrapping Paper Love Statue


D)   Your menu: 


It should always be something you know your partner likes eating,
accompanied by fine drinks.
Also make certain the dining table has a nice tablecloth, your best
service set, and it is decorated with flowers and candles.

E)   Your success:


I have no doubt you will have a very exciting time.
I am certain, by the end of your dinner you will be feeling very
relaxed and sexy;
you will want to dance and feel more intimate.


The meaning of the Numbers


1    dark red rose   =   Passionate love
6    roses                  I want to be yours
10  roses                =   You are perfect for me
12  roses                =   I am satisfied with our relationship
24  roses                =   You are in my mind 24/7
40  roses                =   Real and deep love

Tomorrow I will give you an exciting menu, because I have to
prepare it myself so you can see how it looks.





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