The Epicentre!


Hi there!

He was a secretive man who liked the good life.
This evening, he entered the seaside bar holding
his two ladies by their arm lovingly.

The bar was very attractive, full of warmth and
light effects.
The sexy lounge music made you feel relaxed instantly.

He sat on the white leather stool and started talking to the barman,
while his ladies played with his freshly washed soft hair.
“Let’s have something different tonight” he said.
“Champagne is my favourite drink” Seve said.

She was a seductive extremely beautiful woman, who always
wished she could hypnotise every man to fulfil her desires.

They all laughed full of enjoyment, and clinked their glasses.
Tia then placed her velvet-skinned bare arm around his well
shaped shoulders crossing their glasses, so they could sip out
of each other’s.

“I want to have a good time, life is too short. 
Let’s live in the present, tonight” she said,
smiling in a crafty manner, and drank more champagne ……


Aphrodite of Milos






The Titan God Kronos castrated his father, the Cosmos
ruler Ouranos,
and threw his genitals into the ocean.

The divine flesh mixed with the sea and from the
aphros (foam) Aphrodite 
was born.
She was born an extremely beautiful and desirable adult woman.

She was carried by the waves to the island of Kythera,
near Peloponnesus, 
and later on went on to become one
of the twelve Gods of the mount Olympus.

Due to her extreme beauty she represented Love, Sexuality, Beauty,
Fertility and Eternal Youth.
Her symbols were the Girdle, Seashell, Mirror and the Dove.

She was married to Hephaistos the God of Iron.
She was not very happy with her marriage, and as she
was so seductive, 
she was loved by many Gods and mortals.
She had a good number of sons.





Venus De Milo

At the Louvre Museum in Paris we can now see a two meter high
marble sculpture made by Alexandros of Antioch around 100 BC.

It depicts Aphrodite, the immortal Goddess of Love in
Greek mythology.





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