Hi there!


I love lipstick, and I can’t live without it!
It is so important to me that I wear it almost all the time.

If I miss putting it on, which can happen on rare occasions,
I will feel lost, and completely naked!

It makes me feel beautiful, sexy, desired, very uplifted and
extremely confident.


The Lip Game 


Our lip skin is a thin mucus membrane with no glands.
Consequently, it needs a lot of protection against the
natural elements.

We all want luscious and wanted lips.
But as we grow older we develop lines and cracks;
and our lips become drier, thinner and paler.

Using the right lipstick in the correct way will create fuller
and younger looking lips.

It will also give us an immediate face lift!


The Rules 


1)   Always wear lip balm to keep lips soft and hydrated.

2)   Do not lick the lips because they will become dehydrated.

3)   Always wear a lipstick when you are outside to protect
the lips from the harmful UV sun rays.

4)   Exfoliate your lips from time to time to remove dead cells.


Lip SticksLip Pencils


Enticing Business 


To choose the right colour lipstick hold all colours you like in
front of your lips and chose the one or the ones which make your
whole face look brighter.


Always choose a moisturising formula to keep your lips soft,
fresh and youthful.


Preferred sumptuous colours are:


Pinks, Reds and Burgundies
because they create a contrast with your teeth.


Colour to avoid are:


Orange, Corals and Browns
because they make your teeth look more yellow.


The Procedure


1)   Moisturise your lips lightly, so they are not completely dry.

2)   Outline your lips with a lip pencil in the colour of your lipstick
or completely neutral.
Pay special attention to the corners of your lips because they
are the ones to age first and get thinner.
3)   Fill in your lipstick very carefully to cover evenly, and
retouch with the lip pencil, if necessary.
4)   Close your lips around a tissue twice to remove the excess
lipstick, so it doesn’t stick to your  teeth.





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