The Experts!


Hi there!


Thinking back, about this beautiful restaurant
I was eating every evening during last summer in Athens…
next to the deep blue sea, opposite that fantastic pure beach!


We do not need to look hard to find ways to entertain ourselves.
Dinner is the entertainment;   either it takes place
in a restaurant or at home.


For eating at home, the first step to a proper diet is to
stock our kitchen with a variety of the most healthy
ingredients to make delicious food.


Powerful Fundamentals




The Fridge

The Fridge

1)    Vegetables
2)    Fruits
3)    Organic Eggs
4)    Unsweetened Jam
5)    Organic Soy Milk
6)    Organic Wholemeal Bread
7)    Dried Fruits
8)    Breakfast Wholegrain Cereals
9)    Organic oatmeal
10)  Organic Spelt Flour
11)  Dried Herbs
12)  Spices
13)  Light Ketchup
14)  Wholegrain Mustard
15)  Greek Feta Cheese
16)  Nuts
17)  Seeds
18)  Goat’s Butter



The Freezer

The Freezer


1)     Frozen Mixed Vegetables


2)     Frozen Berries


3)     Frozen Prawns


4)     Frozen Spinach


5)     Fresh Lean Meats


6)     Fresh Salmon





1)     Reduced sugar and salt Baked Beans

Tea Cupboard


2)     Wholegrain Rice

3)     Wild Rice
4)     Unsalted Peanut Butter
5)     Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
6)     Extra Virgin Olive Oil
7)     Still Mineral Water
8)     Whole Rice Crackers

The Cupboard

The Cupboard

9)     Whole Rye Crackers
10)   Whole Oat Crackers
11)   Whole-Wheat Crisprolls
12)   Organic Chick Peas in Water
13)   Whole Tahini
14)   Runny Honey
15)   Pure Cane Sugar
16)   Various Teas





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