The Target!



Hi there!


In his hotel room, he was washing his face when he heard
a knock on his door.
“Who can it be at this hour?” he wondered,
and went carefully to open the door.

 “Do you want some company?” she asked, coming
into the room and closing the door behind her.
“Certainly. I’m ready”, he replied stepping back……

It is a fact that men die five to ten years earlier
than women.
But by taking certain steps to establish a healthy
lifestyle you can increase your lifespan by a
number of years.




The Power Seeds 


1)    Think and feel young, and you will be young.

2)    Take hobbies which require high concentration to
keep your brain active.

3)    Have a healthy diet by reducing fats and increasing
fruits and vegetables for their vitamin and mineral content.

4)    Have fun in your life to be happy like, reading and playing.

5)    Combat anxiety by looking at the sea or sea scenes.

6)    Look at the nature to reduce stress levels.

7)    Do various housework for 20 minutes to lower
your blood pressure.

8)    Eat less and more often to maintain the right
weight for your size.

9)    Sleep six to seven hours per night to live longer.

10)  Brush your teeth twice a day and floss every
night for a healthy heart.

11)  Eat yoghurt to reduce blood pressure and stress.

12)  Live in a house surrounded by green to be
healthier from air pollution.

13)  Walk any time any where to protect yourself from

14)  Take Vitamin D from sunshine and supplements
to support your immune system and mental health.

15)  Learn an instrument, like a guitar, to feel uplifted.

16)  Do not do jobs which involve risk of injury.

17)  Sunbathe for 20 minutes whenever you can to
raise your testosterone levels naturally.





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