Strong Potions!



Hi there!


August 24th was the moving day;  
a warm, frantic day from its early start.
It was 07:45 in the morning when the big van arrived,
and it took them the whole day to load all my things.

It was 06:30 in the evening by the time they were ready
to go with a van absolutely packed.
I was totally exhausted but I locked all the doors and
windows, and started driving to my new place.


The Magic of Energy


Our bodies create energy from the foods we eat with
the assistance of vitamins  and minerals.
If the levels of these nutrients decrease we feel
tired and lethargic because there is not enough
energy production.

The secret to keep our energy constant is to keep
our blood sugar levels stable.

The top nutrient for energy production is the Vitamin B complex.




Daily Deals


The quickest way to increase our energy instantly
is to consume the following:

1)   Whole grains  (oats, wheat, rye)
2)   Fruits  (grapes, peaches, bananas)
3)   Vegetables  (broccoli, sprouts, sweet potatoes)
4)   Lean  Protein (poultry, meat, fish)
5)   Yogurt
6)   Sunflower Seeds
7)   Almonds

If we feel exhausted it will be extremely difficult
to us to face our every day life’s hard challenges.

Having a proper balanced diet definitely will make
us feel more energetic and able to accomplish our projects.





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