Los Ojos Verdes


Hi there!


I don’t like television much, but I watch detective
films and romantic comedies.
I need glasses when I read but I don’t wear sight
glasses at any other time.
Certainly I wear sunglasses when I go out.

For our eyes to be healthy, they need exercise,
proper diet and rest.
The skin around the eyes is very delicate and prone to lines;
so it needs daily moisturisation to keep soft and wrinkle-free.

Many people have either puffy eyes or dark circles beneath.
For some individuals these problems may be genetic.
But as we grow older our skin weakens, and loses
elasticity and fat, so puffiness and circles become noticeable.




The Solutions 


Under-Eye Circles:

1)    Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

They both cause dehydration in the body, so any
dark circles we have beneath our eyes become
much more obvious.

2)    Use Concealer

A good quality concealer will disguise the dark circles; 
but it has to be one shade lighter than our skin for best results.

3)    Sleep

During sleeping the body repairs itself. 
Get a minimum of six hours of sleep to minimise any
dark circles beneath the eyes.


Beach GlassesWacky


Eye Puffiness:


1)   Drink

Consume healthy drinks during the day  to stay hydrated.
This will keep skin firm and also help puffy eyes.

2)   Reduce Salt

Too much salt causes water retention in the body,
which causes puffy skin.
Reduce your salt intake by eliminating processed
foods from your diet.

3)   Use Compresses

Put cool tea bags over each eye and lie down for
15 minutes to relax.


Diet for Healthy Eyes 


a)   Eat fatty fish for the Omega 3 oils.

b)   Eat dark green leafy vegetables for their carotenoid content.

c)   Eat eggs, onions and garlic for their sulphur compounds.

d)   Eat fruits for their multi-vitamin content.

e)   Eat sweet potatoes and carrots for Vitamin A.

f)   Eat protein foods for Vitamin B complex.





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