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The ancient civilization of the Egyptian Empire
developed around the river
Nile about 3000 BC
and flourished during many powerful kingdoms.

Ancient Egyptian art is a very exciting form of expression.
All forms of it were symbolic and had style.

I personally like it, including the history.
In my early twenties I had friends

who were born in Egypt and I discussed a number
of issues with them 
regarding Egyptian art.




I have gold necklaces with the bust of the
beautiful Queen Nefertiti
and the God with the bow.
Egyptian body painting and tattoos are the
oldest in the world.


Nefertiti Neck_C


From prehistoric times the ancient Egyptians,
mostly younger women, used to
have their bodies
tattooed for different reasons;
probably as a sign of
sexuality and fertility.
They used to be geometrical designs, dots and lines.




Also people tattooed themselves to honour deity
or to express devotion or for
Body painting was also done for cosmetic reasons
as in our modern
They decorated their hands and nails, too.




Other designs were the equivalent of crosses,
eyes and various gods — and they
the ancient Egyptian culture and the peoples beliefs.

Of course, not all tattoos were ornamental.
Prisoners and slaves were marked to indicate
their status, and also for protection.

A very fascinating subject, for discussion!





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