Mai Ai !




Hi there!


It is a heavy overcast day, raining continuously;  
not very pleasant to drive or walk.
I have decided to stay in and do my office work.

I drink a lot of tea, especially herbal teas.  
I like the different tastes combined with the various
health benefits.
Of course I never drink tea by itself. 
I always take it with some snack or desert, like
a delicious cake.

I am going to make this very tasty and healthy cake now,
and I will give you my recipe.


Whole Cake


Cinnamon & Coconut Cake



100gr      Fresh Goat Butter
100gr      Dark Muscovado Unrefined Cane Sugar
2              Large Organic Eggs
150gr      Wholemeal Spelt Flour
1tsp          Baking Powder
1tblsp      Cinnamon
2tblsp      Natural Unsweetened Dessicated Coconut
1tblsp      Organic Soya Milk
1tblsp      Brandy
2tblsp      Flaked Almonds
Pure Coconut Milk


Slice of Cake




1)    In a bowl put together the flour,  baking powder,
cinnamon and coconut until they are well mixed.

2)    In a smaller bowl beat the eggs lightly.

3)    In a large bowl or food processor cream together the
butter and sugar until fluffy.

4)    Add the eggs a little at a time beating well.

5)    Mix in the flour a spoonful at a time, alternating
with the milk and brandy, until finished and it is creamy.

6)    Grease a baking tin with some melted goat butter
and flour the whole surface.

7)    Turn the cake mixture into the tin.

8)    Spread the flaked almonds on top of the cake.

9)    Bake in preheated oven at 190C until golden brown  
(30 – 40 minutes).

10)  Remove, let it cool down.

11)   Serve with the coconut milk.







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