Manus Cura!



Hi there!


Since thousands of years ago women as well
as men used to use various techniques
enhance the appearance of their hands and nails.

In ancient Egypt, Babylonia, Rome and later
India and China people used
natural ingredients on their hands.

Hands and nails in good condition reflect
our health.

Nails must be pink without white spots.

A manicure is a beauty treatment for the whole
hand including the nails.

It gives a beautiful and youthful appearance,
and it is fun and easy for us
to do at home.




 The Indulging Ritual 


1)     File nails from the sides to the centre.
Keep them short and square in the middle with
round edges.

2)     Massage the whole hand including the nails
with a moisturising hand cream.

3)     Soak nails in soapy warm water for two to
three minutes to soften the cuticles.

4)     Use a soft stick to push back the cuticles and
rub some nail cream on.

5)     Wash hands again to remove any oil traces,
and dry well.

6)     Brush nails with a base coat to protect them,
and wait two minutes for them to dry.

7)     Apply your chosen colour coat brushing from
the base to the tip.

Wait again two minutes for them to dry.

8)     Apply a second coat of your chosen colour in
the same way.

9)     Use a cotton bud soaked in your polish remover
to clean any traces of colour around the nails.

10)   When the nails are well dried apply a protective
lacquer to maintain your manicure.




Always use acetone free polish remover to maintain
the moisture in the nails.

Always use a moisturising hand cream daily.





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